As an energy and nuclear provider in maintenance and new works projects for over twenty years, CSMR-CIMAT and SIREM will become FOSELEV ENERGIE on september, 1st 2020.

Located in close proximity to major nuclear industry sites in the Rhône Valley, they operate as lead contractors and master a wide range of complementary skill-sets allowing them to act as true partners.

Through the merger of CSMR-CIMAT and SIREM, FOSELEV intend to offer an array of specific services focused on our clients needs, combining high quality services, efficiency and responsiveness.

FOSELEV ENERGIE offers an overall package based on our skills and expertise complementarity as well as the pooling of specific material resources, providing all-inclusive industrial solutions tailored to meet the energy and nuclear sectors’specifications.

With a workforce of about 100 employees authorized to work in active areas, FOSELEV ENERGIE benefits from higly equipped workshops. The master of technical standards as well as the acquisition and maintain of strict certifications such as ISO, CEFRI, MASE, Alliance SCHNEIDER, QUALIFOUDRE allow our dedicated teams to intervene in total compliance with the sectors’ requirements.