In modular constructions

With more than 20 years of expertise in the construction of prefabricated complexes,
COFICIEL SOLUTIONS MODULAIRES offers know-how focused on quality and customer satisfaction.

Methods & Design office

Our in-house Methods & Design office is assigned from the initial preparation phase, assessing your project’s specifications and constraints to determine which optimal modular building solution to implement. Whether for temporary or permanent facilities, our technical teams have the skills to administer turnkey services that comply with current regulations imposed by the Code du Travail and the CRAM in terms of issues concerning surface area, sanitary installations, fire safety, and accessibility. Our large selection of individual modules, along with proven expertise in project engineering and installation, allow COFICIEL to develop solutions adapted to all modular building configurations, including multi-story complexes and prefabricated modules with all modern amenities. Our experts analyze projects of any complexity, in order to engineer the most appropriate set-up for the available surface and volume (stacked, juxtaposed), and define delivery and installation logistics including transport via road or helicopter in extreme cases. Our modular buildings, equipped with your desired amenities, combine cost effectiveness, quick assembly and flexibility, for a result that easily competes with traditional buildings available on the market.

Service Offer

Longtime valuable partner to enterprises in private and public sectors, COFICIEL dedicates its modular building expertise to the elaboration of flexible service offerings that meet any short or long-term space management needs. We provide custom services revolving around the rental and sale of modular buildings and prefabricated complexes that satisfy our clients’ ongoing needs. We strive to propose the most comprehensive multi-sector offerings. We carry a range of new, used and refurbished modules that meet any budget, supplying your project with facilities equipped with all modern amenities. Our teams of specialists have enough logistical and material support to manage modular building projects of any complexity and perform all-inclusive turnkey services. From project engineering to installation and maintenance, we operate with a collective spirit of service that translates to guaranteed customer satisfaction. COFICIEL’s quality of service is acclaimed by a multitude of clients and confirmed by the most demanding Quality-Safety certifications in force.

Modular Solutions

We customize our modular solutions to meet the daily challenges of clients in private and public sectors, to determine and supply the ideal configuration for your space planning projects, worksites, and special events. Our flexible, adjustable and fully customizable service offerings revolve around a complete selection of multi-purpose modules that can serve as industrial facilities, worksite and unit shutdown accommodations, administrative offices, classrooms, living quarters, restrooms, locker rooms and storage units measuring 10’, 20’ or 40’. With decades of experience in standard and custom modular construction, our  specialized in-house Design Office provides thorough technical engineering assistance from the preparation phase to the delivery of modules that are furnished, assembled, wired and connected according to your needs, including any requested modern amenities and value-added products (interior and exterior windows, carpeting, awnings, siding, and more.) Our modules for rent, turnkey projects, and stackable modular solutions are designed to satisfy countless configuration options, such as R+1 and R+2 complexes and other building extensions. We foresee and address any potential installation issues, and implement custom logistic solutions to accommodate even the most difficult to access sites and events, including transport via road or helicopter in extreme cases. Our teams of experts and extensive material resources make COFICIEL your trusted partner for all simple and complex modular construction projects.