COFICIEL SOLUTIONS MODULAIRES completed a 130m² building extension for the company ECOPUR, with the support of FOSELEV CONSTRUCTION MODULAIRE for the development of a new insulation process for its modules.

COFICIEL SOLUTIONS MODULAIRES, which specializes in the sale and rental of modules, is committed to meeting the expectations of its customers.

For this building extension project for ECOPUR, COFICIEL SOLUTIONS MODULAIRES Centre was required to meet demanding specifications combining comfort, customization and space saving for a set of 8 modules on the first floor.

That’s why our agency called on FOSELEV CONSTRUCTION MODULAIRE, which specializes in the design and manufacture of modular units, and its latest innovation in thermal insulation that meets the current standards of the RT 2012 (2012 Thermal Regulations) and the RE 2020 (2020 Environmental Regulations).

Thanks to this technology, the thermal insulation is installed on the outside, around the module, and not on the inside. As a result, there are many advantages for the customer: a gain of space inside the module, no limit of thickness for the thermal insulation and an increased choice of customization, thanks to the possibility of installing a traditional cladding then only suitable for conventional buildings.

ECOPUR is one of the first clients to benefit from this innovation and can thus take advantage of its additional 130m² of office space, which fits in perfectly with the architecture of its facilities.