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COFICIEL serves lead project owners in the Chemical and Petrochemical sector, by assisting their space management projects through a service offer that meets the industry’s need for construction site accommodations, modular facilities and prefabricated buildings of all sizes.

Our flexible short and long-term offerings include standard and custom building rentals, as well as new and used modules for sale. We also provide the technical support and operational oversight needed to meet your space planning objectives in terms of unit shutdown work accommodations and temporary facilities suited to any industrial application.

With modules that can be furnished, equipped, wired and connected according to your specifications, we attend to any space planning project involving new buildings or multi-story extensions (R+1, R+2) designed to sustain workers and staff for the duration of the work.

Your space planning projects are assigned to our specialized Design office, which analyzes your needs, constraints, and available space to determine the optimal solution for your worksites and factories in terms of living quarters, site accommodations, temporary administrative offices, guard posts, technical facilities, storage solutions, and more.

Our vast network of 11 French branches houses nearly 9,200 modules and offers the appropriate human and material resources required to quickly attend to your needs, supplying and installing custom building complexes suited for even the most sensitive worksites.

COFICIEL adheres to the strict standards and constraints applicable to modular construction, and delivers buildings that comply with RT 2012 thermal regulations.

The operations performed by our teams of specialists are in line with current Quality-Safety standards, for a quality of service lauded by our customers and confirmed by our obtention of strict ISO 9001 and MASE certifications.