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Longtime partner to the Naval/Maritime sector’s lead contractors, COFICIEL operates within major French industrial port areas. Thanks to an 11-branch network and selection of 9,200 individual modules, we provide modular solutions to serve the industry’s need for modular buildings for port space planning projects involving custom modular complexes (R+1, R+2, and juxtaposed), including plumbing, electrical wiring, cables, interior and exterior fittings, and your choice of optional amenities.

COFICIEL’s flexible service offer includes short, mid, and long-term rentals, new and used sales, and comprehensive operational oversight including project engineering, delivery and on-site installation. Our multi-purpose modules adapt to a multitude of applications, including locker rooms, lavatories, chemical toilets, storage units,  and durable prefabricated buildings and temporary facilities that resist to the elements (intense sun exposure, sea spray…)

These modules are cost-effective, versatile, and easily assembled and installed at ports, allowing the immediate use of facilities that rival traditional construction in terms of amenities and equipment.

Thanks to our highly qualified workforce and huge selection of modules meeting QSE standards, COFICIEL provides services that satisfy client expectations while adhering to strict quality assurance guidelines and regulations.