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To Events sector

COFICIEL has accommodated cultural and sporting events for over 20 years. This dedication has earned us the trust of many sports organizations and event planners, for whom we supply custom modular construction and all-purpose facilities tailored to special events of all sizes and durations.

Our modules come equipped with all modern amenities and may serve as locker rooms, reception areas, ticket booths, pop-up shops, refreshment stands, restrooms, showrooms, bleachers, and a multitude of custom applications. COFICIEL’s temporary buildings combine aesthetics, usability and practicality, along with easy onsite assembly and disassembly.

Detailed modular building rental and sales offerings include installation and personalized customer support by our attentive teams of specialists operating throughout France. We guarantee responsive, cost-effective services that meet your project’s deadlines.

COFICIEL’s all-purpose custom modular solutions tailored to any short or long-term project are developed by our expert technicians and in-house Methods department, ensuring comprehensive assistance ranging from project engineering to onsite installation. Our prefabricated buildings and modular complexes offer countless configurations and optional amenities, including furnishings, fittings, equipment, electricity and plumbing, and other value-added products.

With our 8700 individual modules and first-rate logistical support, we have the necessary human and material resources to ensure delivery to difficult to access sites and installation under extreme conditions such as high elevations and busy urban settings.

COFICIEL offers RT 2012-compliant modular buildings and quality of service in line with strict ISO 9001 and MASE standards.