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To Services sector & local authorities

Having assisted the public sector for many years, COFICIEL has developed a flexible service offer specifically designed to meet the sector’s objectives, budget constraints, and deadlines concerning new space planning and redevelopment projects.

COFICIEL’s offerings cover any short or long-term rentals of construction site accommodations and modular worksite facilities and living quarters, as well as the sale of new and refurbished modules.

Your renovation and expansion projects concerning schools, universities, day care centers, temporary classrooms, cafeterias, restrooms, and other specific applications, are handled by our teams of experts, who offer turnkey assistance including project engineering, delivery, and onsite modular building installation.

Our standard modules and custom prefabricated complexes satisfy any temporary or permanent application, offering solutions that combine usability, aesthetics, comfort, and practicality.

From the preparation phase onward, our Methods department administers turnkey project oversight, ensuring compliance with current health and safety regulations, RT 2012 standards, Code du Travail and CRAM constraints.

We customize our modular solutions in order to provide the optimal configuration according to your objectives and challenges, including multi-story complexes (R+1 or R+2), juxtaposed modules, repurposed facilities, building extensions and administrative offices.

COFICIEL’s range of adaptable modules can be equipped according to your needs; wiring and utilities, personalized layout, furnishings and amenities including windows, balconies, carpeting, awnings, exterior siding, and more.

Well versed in the public procurement process, and thanks to a network of a dozen local branches, COFICIEL confidently fulfills its role of trusted partner, ensuring administrative and operational assistance by our teams of attentive, responsive technicians.