Coficiel Solutions Modulaires


1 M€
Annual Turnover

In brief

COFICIEL has 20 years of experience serving space planning projects of all sizes and durations, by supplying multi-purpose modular buildings and custom prefabricated complexes.

As part of the FOSELEV Group’s Services & Logistics activity, COFICIEL benefits from first-rate technical and logistic support and is ready to meet any client objective. Our service offer includes several options:

We provide personalized, comprehensive turnkey services, and with over 9,200 all-purpose modules available nationally through our 11 local branches, we are equipped to serve your short, medium, and long-term needs for living quarters, worksite facilities, administrative offices, locker rooms, dining halls, conference rooms, classrooms, and other custom modular buildings.

Our priority being customer satisfaction, we are particularly attentive to your needs and guarantee flexible service offerings that combine responsiveness, speedy installation, and the necessary expertise to satisfy leading project owners and varied clientele from all sectors.

We are familiar with the specifications and constraints inherent to a wide range of industries, including civil engineering, construction, and the public sector, and adhere to strict quality guidelines imposed by the benchmark standards ISO 9001 and MASE.

Our Commitment

COFICIEL shares the Foselev Group’s core values and spirit of service, and uses a  client-centric approach that combines attentiveness, availability and responsiveness.

Our teams know that clear communication and feedback integration are essential in order to provide quality services and promote continuous improvement.

Safety Policy

Our commitment to client satisfaction is matched by our rigorous approach to workplace safety.

We implement risk management strategies and adhere to strict regulatory guidelines in order to protect the physical and moral integrity of all persons involved, and achieve our goal of zero accidents.

Quality assurance Systems

We apply our ongoing quality assurance systems to the performance of operations that comply with the most demanding standards in force.

In short, we aim to develop custom all-inclusive service offerings and provide a range of services that meets or exceeds client expectations.

Sustainable development

We take steps to promote sustainable, environmentally sound practices at every level of our organizational chart.

Thanks to our proactive strategy, we provide modular buildings and complexes that comply with current standards and take concrete steps to improve energy performance, lower operating costs, and ensure end-user satisfaction.