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Buy modular complexes adapted to your needs

Thanks to a wide choice of variations and customization

With our huge selection of new all-purpose modules for sale, we are equipped to assist new space planning or building extension projects involving site accommodations, administrative offices, long-term storage units and other practical applications.
As an alternative to traditional construction, COFICIEL’s modular buildings combine esthetics, comfort, and usability with the durability and flexibility required to meet the needs of clients in civil engineering, construction, industry, pharmaceuticals, energy, and the public sector.

We dedicate our 20 years of experience in modular construction to the development of innovative modular solutions that satisfy any configuration and specification.

Our new modules for sale are custom-built to adapt to any installation issues and constraints concerning available space and current sectoral regulations. We also ensure on-site delivery, even in difficult to access areas.

For projects of any complexity, our specialized Design Office assesses practical needs and establishes a personalized modular solution, offering endless possibilities in terms of equipment, wiring, plumbing, fittings and other value-added products.

Benefiting from first-rate logistical support, teams from our network of strategically located branches are equipped to oversee any project, from engineering and design to the delivery and on-site installation of prefabricated modular complexes.

All services comply with current Quality-Safety-Environment standards, for guaranteed quality of service that is applauded by our clients and confirmed by our adherence to strict ISO 9001 and MASE standards and guidelines.