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Modular solutions adapted to your budget

Take advantage of a wide choice of used models

In order to continuously meet all types of client objectives, we also offer the sale of used and refurbished modules.

Sold as-is or refurbished, we offer a wide selection of used all-purpose modules suited to a complete range of purposes and practical applications.

Our second-hand modules are the most cost-effective solution, offering a level of comfort and performance comparable to our new modules in terms of quality and durability.

These used modules are entirely refurbished, including complete structural inspection, replacement of parts such as panels and various fittings, electrical circuit inspection and compliance work, as well as updated flooring and amenities.

The adaptability of our second-hand modular buildings, which may be custom furnished, connected, and fully equipped, allows you to purchase facilities in excellent condition, with all the modern amenities you require.

Refurbished or sold as-is, all of our prefabricated complexes and modular buildings fully comply with the strict Quality-Safety-Environment standards and regulations in force.

Benefiting from first-rate logistical support, our second-hand module sales offer also includes COFICIEL’s array of services in terms of transport and delivery, on-site assembly and installation.

Used & Refurbished Modules for Sale