Focusing on our international potential by extending our presence into new, high growth potential markets, FOSELEV has acquired an equity stake in ALTEAD SUISSE which will soon be renamed FOSELEV SUISSE.

As a specialist in Industrial Mechanics and Maintenance, FOSELEV SUISSE offers an exhaustive array of skills also including Lifting, Handling and Transport.

Our purposefully flexible offering provide all-inclusive industrial solutions tailored to meet our current and future customers within the Industry, Chemistry, Energy and Nuclear fields.

Through the generation of group synergy, we complete FOSELEV SUISSE service offerings with the proven expertise of our locally-based agencies (Savoie, Rhône-Alpes) in the field of Maintenance, Industrial Piping, global turnkey operations and new works projects.

Acting as a genuine partner for the past 50 years, FOSELEV is committed to serving companies in various sectors and focuses on achieving success in any project, even the most complex.